Mckinney, Texas

Wow, For any of you considering Icon Studios Dallas, go meet Ms normita joven yourself and then look at or re read this post. I judge people hard when it comes to this industry of acting and modeling.

Ms. Joven had me, my sister, my brother and my mother working the day we meet her...and I am the only one who is active in this industry. I had not commited one thing to her and she told me to go home and go interview a few other people who could represent me then decide for myself what i would feel would be best for me..

Obviously, this post is from someone who thought they were buying a job and this was going to be easy. This industry is tough and you have to be on your "A" game at all times.

Just getting an audition is tough, this industry require you to get used to REJECTION, to be persistant and to be ready at a moments notice. There have been times I go to 20 auditions and nothing, I dont get chosen ! but i persist. I have now booked 3 national commercials and have done 6 independant films in which I was a paid Actor...

There are NO Guarantees in this business and You are only as good as your persistance. If you are a quitter..and give up the moment something doesnt happen over night..go get a job !!! This is a passion project for yourself...a fun hobby that pays..sometimes and sometimes it doesnt. And Yes you do need to have a Flexible Job that will allow you to go to your auditions..because they happen at the craziest times and the craziest places...

one day you can be auditoning in dallas, tomorrow in Austin, day after that in San Antonio...and guess what ? Those are Auditions ! no guarentee you are even going to get picked for the job/part. If any of you know Ms normita, you know how hard she works for us..For those of you who dont know her...spend 30mins with her and she will change the way you see the world in whatever it is you do..super positive and motivating...And guess what she lets you decide...she isnt there to sell you anything...she just wants to help people, like me...succeed.

Believe me I am not good looking or young and would probably be the last person you would think would be a Model/Actor....Money is not her you can see if you follow her feed and social media she volunteers her time all the time and where she gets the time I dont know...I only responded because i saw the negative post and wanted to let all of you out there know....That was a post from someone who Had very unrealistic expectations and probably thought they were going to be working everyday...NOT ! By the way in the Icon Family there a more than a handful of attorneys that work with Ms normita as actors and models. One of which is my age and has been practicing for over 18 years...You are only limited by your beliefs..nothing more...Ms.

Normita says everyone has potential regardless of age, race, sex, size, or looks...Everyone was born for greatness..its up to you to claim that greatness...If you look at her website she refers you to well known people in the industry who can help you, its up to you to utilze the resources and equip yourself..... tools are just tools until you use them...dreams go to work when you do !!!!

Reason of review: Honest return, exchange or cancellation policy.

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